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BCAC 2011


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Managed to get a place this year, a bit last minute really. Friend of mine had been planning it for a while and rang me the night before it was time to enrol!

Qualifier is at Baden Hall (Staffs) some big fish to go at so should be interesting. Looking forward to the experience and im under no illusions as to how we will do. Has anyone fished at Baden?

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Hope so, Ours is a 1 fish qualifier i reckon. Depends how big though. The semis and finals type of fishing (going on past tactics) are a bit.....i dunno....kind of not what im used to really.


I almost feel like getting the match gear out if you know what i mean?

Still excited though!

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Best of luck, same as John hope to see you in the semi's, me and my partner are doing Broadlands in round 6....


As for the tactics in matches, have a look at the BCAC rules, and you will see that you don't have to use carp rods, but have recomendations...

If you haven't done one before, all i say is do plenty of homework... Visit the venue (possibly fish it beforehand) ask the locals, get you gear spot on.... have lots of rigs tied up, pva bags etc, even spare rods ready to go.... you want the four rods to be in the water as long as you can, (if you catch on your rods your partner nets the fish and sorts it out, while you recast a spare onto you spot and vice versa).....



Mainline RAF

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