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boiled rice


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Make sure its cooked nice and al dente for them! They do like a crunch. It works for well bud, and it takes flavour really well. It doesnt cloud up as much as you might think, the starch seems to stay quite gloopy.


I aways use a milk powder with it to, that gets a nice cloud going!

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dammit my edge is out!!!


i always add rice to my particle mix, it takes on the flavours of hemp really well, i tend to boil it until is really really soft, it will darken in hemp water, so the white rice is not really a problem. its a good "bulker" for a spod mix. just remember to ensure your mix is full of plenty of different sized particles, after all when the carp become preoccupied with tiny foodstuffs, they can ignore your 12ml boilie ledgered over the top - rice holds its fluids so its a PVA trickster...


other tesco spod mix...





chick peas


black eyed peas

haricot beans

broad beans

soup mix




custard powder

oyster sauce



pearl barley


theres loads, next time your in tesco - look in the nuts/peas/seeds isle - everything is a possible carp bait to the thinking carper (not DF...)


ouchthathurt :roll:

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thanks for the tip mate :) its something Ive never used before and it just got me thinking while i was cooking meal one day last week i do fish a lot of partial hook baits and just thought it would be something different to try on my local water because i don't think its been tried before so hopefully it will work



:D thanks again and good look with season a head :D



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