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When is the right time to start scaling down?


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Hey guys... haven't been on here in ages!


Unfortunately my fishing has been lacking some what in the past month or so due to university commitments...


However im back home this weekend and i have a 24 hour session planned...


So anyways moving on to the question above..


I know the general rule in winter is to start scaling down your hooks and baits as the feeding slows down... but its still Autumn? even though its getting fairly cold..


How have you been getting on lately this month? Are you still using "summer" tactics still.... size 6's and 8's or have you been dropping down to size 10's with 10mm boilies for example...


Any advice welcome as always.


Thanks in advance



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It seems an almost universal misconception that we should scale down on tackle/hook sizes for winter fishing. Do the fish get smaller? Of course not, they feed less often, is all.


Indeed, at this time of year with water temperatures starting to cool, carp are usually on the munch in anticipation of deep winter. Choose baits accordingly.


In line with the comments above, all I scale down is the amount of feed introduced.



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all ive scaled down is my main line gone on to gamma in 8lb using the right knot it breaks at 12lb. so is more than whats needed. its a clear line sinks well and unobtrusive in the water. ive dropped my hook s from 6s to the new kaptors in 8s but the braid strength and lead core does not. its what you feel confident with and what the situation is that your fishing. tight lines and screaming buzzers

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i heard a theory that was printed as gospel some years back in a mag

that scaling up size of bait is the way to go, say 20mm single high viz high attract pop up with just say a capsule filled with glug)

theory being that a carp in a torpid sort of state may have a go at

one quick easy meal but turn its nose up at grubbing round for particles ect, instinctivly knowing that it would be too much of a wast of valuable energy but will take a chance on one quick energy hit!

just shows that nothings set in stone, and all we can do is take shots at it and think on our feet! no hard fast rules.

this will be the first year ill be properly kitted up to take on the real harsh bit of the year, thermals, twin skin,bag,cover, cooker ect

gota say in a weird sort of way im quit looking forward to it.

want that pic of that 20 in the snow :)

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