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Finally broke out of no carp season :D


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It's been a rotten season so far, after joining a new syndicate i have managed to only bag four bream since April! Times were getting bad and i was loosing confidence in my angling ability..


So i took a few weeekends out, mainly due to work commitments.


I went back yesterday for a short 3pm Fri to 10 am Saturday session.


What a result this sessions was to be... at around 7:15 i had a pick up then 10minutes later i had a one toner..


Wass stunned when i picked up the rod i was in to a CARP! at last! It came in quite easily for most of the fight, mainly due to me using an inline drop off lead system, so the fish came to the surface pretty quickly.


After i had netted it it was such a relief. I didn't really have much of a clue to the weight(it had been so long since id played a carp i had lost all sense of size.) until i collapsed my net and went to lift it out the water..


Got her on the mat, what a lovely fish. Slipped her out of the net and into the sling. When i attached the scales and lifted them up i was gobsmacked.


After not catching a carp for about 6 months!! I had only smashed my PB and caught my first ever 20 :D!


So without further ado, here she is a 20lb 4oz!




I also had a smaller 14lb 6lb later that evening.





So good times :D Confidence restored :) i hope...


Thanks for reading.


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Didn't wanna make a brand new thread for one fish... but i just got back from a 24 hour session.... first in about 5 weeks!


What a bittery cold night it was and its not even winter yet.


For some reason they wasnt playing game with snowman rigs, singles tipped with corn (of various colours) etc... but i had to have something plastic out through the night to conquer the cray fish!


Well after blanking night.. i woke up for sunrise, no action. So reeled in, had a think, and thought hmmm what about just singles for an hour or so..


So one went one single 15mm boilie with a bag or around 6 freebies.... out it went. Screaming take about 45mins later! As i was still using the faithful inline drop off lead system, the lead dropped on the take which made the fight slightly easier... but it still scrapped hard!



Anyways here she is.. 20lb on the button!





Unfortunately no further action, but hardly a wasted session :) not sure how many more i will fit in between now and the end of season though :(



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Guest Anonymous

Nice one looks some good fish in that lake mate. I fished a day ticket friday and got a new pb 18lb 12oz. Then my membership for a local club came through the post. Blanked saturday and blanked sunday. Roll on next weekend.

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Thanks mate! Congratulations on your pb! Took me 6 months to break mine! Thought I'd done it again today but it fell short by 4oz!! But pleased all the same.


Yeah there are some crackers! Finally I'm getting my head around the lake! Shame its happening at this time when things will start to get slower and I have less and less opportunities to go!


Best of luck for you next weekend!

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