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The best chance of tackling a dead water?


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Okay.. so not exactly dead. There are fish in there and plenty...


If a lake is fished regularly and no one has had a fish out in a considerable length of time.. what do you do?


What are your best strategies/tips/tactics on trying to get one out?


Just wondered, as there is a local water near me that is like this at the moment...


Thanks as always!



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It was just a generalised question really as well. If a lakes not fishing well, what tactics do you use to try and get a bite....


But the water i was on about.

Around 7 acres.

Hardly any weed, a few snaggy areas on the bottom, but light weed.

Pressure i would say is low, a max of 3 anglers on it on any day

I don't know the exact stocking, but there is a good head of carp, mainly doubles and twenties.

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Are you sure nobodys had anything out of there?


I only say that because if there are people fishing it, then they're doing so for a reason. It could be a difficult water and holding some decent lumps? Or maybe they're having them out and just not saying so....which is what my first thought would be.

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Well i've spoken to a couple of regulars and they are pretty sure! Plus its a club/syndicate water so catches have to be reported to the owner/baliffs.


There is only one 30 in there, i know that for a fact..


It's no runs water, so yes its a little tricky but the fishing has just dried up lately..

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When you say it's dried up lately do you mean recently? Spawning, maybe? The erratic weather conditions in recent weeks have caused havoc with the spawning pattern of a few species of fish, not the least carp.


Just a thought.



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Sounds confusing to me. More information is needed, how long has it been since the fishing dried up? You say it has very little weed and as far as i know slow fisheries come about from lots of natural food (weed provides lots of this) and weed making it difficult to pick spots and get your presentation right! I would consider this as the fish are getting ready to spawn and just aren't on the feed as a lack of natural food will mean a reliance on anglers bait. Is the lake bed silty? this can provide lots of natural food.


In general terms to tackle a water that is very slow it takes a lot of persistance, patience, thought and hard work! The water i have been fishing for the last year has produced just 15 fish in a year! I have had just 3 bites all year and landed 2. The reason for the slow fishing is some of the fish are coming on to 50 years old and have seen it all in their time, add this to the fact that the lake is choked to the brim with weed and natural food and the fishing is hard work. The key things to do on waters like this is learn the lake bed, any changes in depth, like gullys or small clear patches are obvious target areas. In my case i have had to work areas and clean then up myself either with use of a rake or by baiting and hoping the fish clear the weed through feeding, or fishing on top of the weed. The key things to keep in mind are location, location is easy on these waters as the water is gin clear and easy to see the fish through it, its if the bait is presentable in these areas. You will find on hard waters like these that the anglers will keep confined to one spot and working the areas they know and have developed. I have my key spots that have brought me bites but i always look for the fish and see if they are in a position and could catch them from. Stalking can also be good on these waters.


Hope this helps



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