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Boilies.. A totally Australian recipe?

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Since coming back to bait fishing after daliances with other activities, I've done more research into the specialised carp fishing techniques.

Is there a boilie recipe that seems to work without requiring the exotic imports from overseas?

Any hints or links on where to start would be much appreciated. I've found a few, but they all seem (unless someone has Aus stocks) to need imports of some ingredients.

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Well, either I've been really happy with something until it mentions the Solar products, or something else that can't seem to be found locally.


Essentially, it would be nice to have a recipe that doesn't need overseas support. I just haven't found one yet.

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What you need to do is decide on what type of boilie you are trying to make and then find out the components that make it rather than what base mixes people are using. For instance if you want a basic boilie mix just use semolina and soya flour in equal parts this was one of the first boilie mixes ever made and is still on sale today, some manufacturers call it the 50/50mix (hint) :wink:

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These are technical boilie fishing terms that I haven't yet encounted.


I'm only barely a few weeks into the fact that boilies existed at all. Last time I was into bait fishing, the Internet wasn't au fait with carp fishing knowledge.


My fishing buddy and I have rediscovered the fun of things and have just got ourselves into the research phase of watching lots of carp stuff on youtube.


Can you suggest a more basic boilie primer?


However, it seems to be the flavours that are hard to source. I have read about scopex, but haven't found a local supplier yet. Many more resources to look at though and even more of this forum to explore.

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Thanks. We've been experimenting with various bait additives to the standard bread. Strawberry jam, curry, chili, cheese and aniseed oil.


I was all for curried egg and cheese sandwiches with maybe some sundried tomato, but figured that I'd end up eating the bait rather than go fishing.

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Most of my boilie fishing is with fishmeal/birdfood mix all year round,you just cut down on fishmeal to 50g istead 200g & drop the oil from 20m to 10m for winter :D As for flavors it's up to you,their is a group of us that fish alot together and all use diffrent flavours and we all catch :P





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hi everybody,

i am using soya flour, semolina mixed with eggs.

after boiling for 2 mins.. they float in the hot pot.. after dry, it doesn't float in water...

i am using hair rig.

any suggestion that i did wrong that the boilies cannot float?


at the moment, i am using corn kernels. works well on carps but small carps.

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There are two types of boilies.

Standard non floating and buoyant or (pop ups)

Putting standard boilies in the microwave for a minute or two makes them float, but then you need slightly different rigs to take advantage of it.


Just google for making boilies float. The information is pretty much all there.


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Please do not be offended but how long have you been carp fishing? I am gauging from your posts that it is a relatively short time? If you don't mind me asking what got you in to carp fishing as it is not a hobby that people tend to take up in OZ unless they have done it before coming out here?


I know that these questions are not related directly to floating or non floating baits but you will probably find that information will flow easier on the forum once people know a little bit more about you and your fishing. Again, no offence, it is just that carp fishermen in OZ tend to be very guarded until they know what you are all about. :D

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thanks Admacdo,

i will try the method to see how it goes.




oh, i better introduce me to everyone here,

i am 42 yo. i used to fish carp in Hong Kong when i was young. i used a

powder from local shops that is made from the peanut, after making into oil, the left over will be dry and grinded into powder, used as potting mix for farming as fertilizer.

i mixed it 50/50 with some flour to form a hand size ball, hide a few hooks inside. when it goes in the water, like a big rock, then it start to melt, carps smell it can start to suck... then the hook works.


i cannot find the powder here, so i used corn, it works.. but only on smaller and younger carps.. one day an Guy from England saw me fishing and tell me about boilies.. so i am learning this method.

when you guys fishing in Melbourne? i normally went to Ruffey lake since it is very close to my depot, i fish them and don't eat them, just keep them in the swimming pool, (400 lts rain water without chemicals)

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My experimentation with boilies has come to a stop until I can prove to myself that it's more effective than corn.

We just keep coming back to it.

My rig is a simple hair rig with a number 10 viking 540 and 4 corn kernels threaded on with a needle. We notch the side of the needle eye with a dremel so the eye can be accessed and then just stick a tiny bit of stick through the eye to keep them on.

It's not like there's NOT bits of stick on river beds.


Creamed corn is very effective burley and is also cheap.

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hi guys,just found this forum so i joined up,i have been carp fishing both in the uk and aus for 27 years and i have used this recipe to great affect

for many years now.mix equal parts of semolina,ground rice,milk powder together and to a pound mix add 2oz of canary seed.add eggs ,5ml flavour and colouring :lol::lol:

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I assmue that you are all aware that fresh rolled boilies are now available in Australia at similar prices to what you would pay for them in the UK? No need to pay expensive freight or worry about customs seizing them. PM me if you want more information. :wink:


If on the other hand you guys just enjoy making your own, thats cool but just wanted to make sure that everyone was aware. :D

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