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run on both rods at the same time


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Its very unlikely so there isnt a great deal you can do apart from what i suggest. Often the one you leave will eventually stop running and just sit up in a safe place.

If you have it happen to you often then your fishing too many rods for the venue and you need to cut down.

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Its happened to me 3 times and I landed both fish each time.


It makes it a lot easier if you have 2 nets :wink:


As has been said the other rod with a fish on stops screaming at some point. When its happened to me i've put one rod back on the rest, then pick the other rod up and reel a few times to make sure its hooked, then go back to the first rod and bring it in as quickly as I can. Then go back to the second rod and bring that in fairly quickly. When playing the second fish just make sure the fish in the net is upright and in deep enough water and everything should be fine. There's not much else you can do.

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Me and my friend has this last weekend except it was 3 rods and we had not set up a second net yet. :shock::roll:


Got quite complicated! :lol:



Always the first thing you should set up, along with the landing matt, any un hooking utensils and any carp care products you may have.


We had only just set up and all the unhooking mats and antiseptics were out and ready to be used.

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Well i went to a lake in France with coops and bunn (Jamie and Lewis), and with no fish all the 1St half of the week decided to make the move down an area that hadn't been fished for a while.


The move paid of and within an hour of getting the rods out my 1st rod roared off,just as i hit into it and had time to shout,(LEWIS IM IN) the 2nd rod roared off!!! (LEWIS IM IN TO TWO) by this time everyone round the lake was in laughter, shouting lewis get round there he's into two.


1st thing i done was stay calm,set the hook, on my second rod then loosened the clutch a bit more as it was in open water and my 1st was nearer the snaggy area then continued to play my 1st rod.


Poor lewis thought they were having him on, So he walked past the open areas where the swims were, Then sprinted when out of eyesight of the other anglers lol.


he walked into my swim very casually then darted onto my second rod when he saw it rip round :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:


at this point my 1st fish had taken me right down the eastern arm and i was in the water shortly followed by lewis :roll::lol:


When all the others got around to my swim me and lewis were in Up-to are chests in a right old battle, i have the pictures too :lol: we ended up landing both fish one at 18lbish the other 33lb 6oz (PB) and i was well chuffed,


Unfortunately all the commotion moved the fish out of the arm and i only had the two fish all week and both at the same time, but that's got to be one of my (NEVER TO FORGET MOMENTS) top week and thanks lewis :lol::lol:

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