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  1. i have a few quick questions.....im trying to fish with a method lead rig and ive seen some videos on people using a bag of ground bait mix for there methods.....and some using baits like ( oatmeal, corn, vanilla extract ).............which one would be better for carp in the US.......And i guess particle bait like ( bird seed, hemp seeds, millet, etc.) is for chumming??? or can you use that to for method leads
  2. Does anyone know of any carp tackle shops near western nc ??? Big carp tackle, and carp kit international I s the only place I know of but there far away ?
  3. Hey guys!, im new to this forum and forums in general so please excuse me if I do something wrong or post in the wrong section... just wanted to say ive been carp fishing many times before when younger with my dad, but I have recently started back up in the sport and i had no idea carp fishing had advanced this much ( in a good way ) with carp care, boilies, weigh slings etc....im fishing in east TN and western NC (watauga lake) not sure if anyone has heard of it but I will be asking a lot of question and doing research because I have so much to learn!!!! and theres no carp tackle shops around me and I dont know anyone who takes carp fishing seriously where i live !! Thanks
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