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  1. Does anybody have Mccormicks Black Walnut or Pineapple extract that they would like to sell?
  2. What flavors work best with soybean in the winter also I've made this bait many times before in the spring and summer with great success as of right now i cant get a single pick up or run and does anybody still use karo in their soy during the winter as i know it will take longer for it to melt away in the colder water.
  3. How do you make the black molasses pack bait? what all do you need?
  4. Are there any near by besides county line and lakeside?
  5. Are there any near by besides county line and lakeside?
  6. When using chow can you use karo syrup or is it mainly cream corn also what flavors work in it. As I'm trying to figure out new baits since ive been mainly using grits oats and soybean with great success normally 10 + carp a trip
  7. Yea but can you replace the cream Corn with karo?
  8. Does anybody have the recipe for it?
  9. How much powder should I add for pack baits like oats and soy bean Sorry for all the questions im brand new to this
  10. im new to carp fishing and was recently given a 50lb of sweet feed and have no clue how I could use this for pack bait does anybody have any tips or ideas?? thanks
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