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  1. Hi guys, Been a carper on and off for 10 years until all my gear got stolen just over a year ago, but I'm now back, and determined to do things bigger and better this time, based in leicester as i moved here not too long back and don't know many waters round here so if anyone has any info then feel free to pass it on
  2. Hi guys, first post here hope it's in the right place. I've won 2 tickets to the Carp Show in Brentford this weekend, now I want to go but not on my own haha, not because I'm a wimp but it's a 2 hour drive from me and always good to chat to someone along the way. If anyone is interested in coming I'm leaving LEICESTER early sunday morning, can pick up in leicester or along the way, I'll even give you my spare ticket, just make a donation to fuel costs More info about the show at www.carpshow.com Anyone fancy it?
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