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  1. Well ive not managed to get out on the bank today the nipper was ill all night so i thought i had better stay home and help the wife look after him but i will definately be trying it when i get the chance i might make up some boilies aswell.
  2. Thanks for all the replies ive decided im going to give it a go on sat and soak some pellets in a bit of whiskey or maybe sambuca for the aniseed flavour. Gota be worth a shot haha
  3. Yeah so I've heard but I tend not to believe to much I read in mags, I can see why it would and why levels of attraction would be good but just a bit curious wether it will work or scare the fish off.
  4. What are peoples thoughts on alcohol ie vodka, whiskey. Im wondering about soaking some pellets in whiskey, just wondering if anyones tried it before andhow they got on.
  5. Well i had a go at making my own boilies ive been using molasses with vitalin in a method feeder with good results so i thought i would have a go at making some molasses boilies i tried these and had a fair amount of success with them, i then decided i would make a bit of a concoction from different things ive been hearing about so i made some spicy, salty tuna boilies for this i added 3 tins of tuna to my base mix, rock salt and chilli powder. well i went out to trinity waters in bridgwater, somerset on Saturday whacked about 5 in a pva bag with the one on the hair cast out and within 5 mins i was into a nice common then as the day went on using different sizes through the day had another common and a nice mirror around 12lb a small bream and even a chub, from a walk around the lake i seem to have done very well as most caught nearly nothing, strangely i had hardly any interest in the molasses boilies and method feeder mix and all was on the tuna mix just shows that a good bait wont work everywhere.
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