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  1. These sunken pike floats ....are they the same as the clear bubble floats that i use as controllers when surface fishing ?


    If yes , then i have a question .


    When surface fishing i usually fill the bubble float with water for obvious reasons but if using one on an adjustable zig , should i add any water or leave the bubble empty ?


    I have considered using the zig grenade but im confused as to where to place the pva tape and hook cos the photos not too clear .

    And i have the fox halo zig kit but its really bulky and like , tangle city :(


    I just know its going to be hot when i fish next so the zigs will have to come out at certain times of the day :wink:



  2. Esp 12 bore

    Green - Available in 2.5 metre lengths in 2.0mm diameter
    - Produced to the same technical specifications as E-S-P Sink and Anchor Rig Tubes but with a larger bore of 0.9mm.
    - Designed to accept E-S-P Tapered Leaders and other heavy monos whilst retaining optimum line protection and super sinking properties.

  3. Here are a few of mine




    1/ flourocarcabon leader 20lb approx 1m long, size 8 kwik klip, buffer sleeve, avid chod sleeve with big eye quick change swivel.


    2/ Pretty much as above but on 20 lb leadcore


    3/ standard inline lead, can be used for solid bags


    4/ inline dropoff, note the big eye on the hooklength ( cut from a swivel ) this makes the rig safer allowing only the hooklength to stay in the fish in the event of a breakage.


    5/ chod dropoff, sorry cropped the loop of the bottom of the pic, basically you put on the lead, then push the needle down the sleeve, pull the short loop through and put in a trimmed pva nugget, this will take the brunt of the cast/retrieve but if snagged pull away dropping the lead.

  4. I don't do light leads anymore , nothing under 3 oz now, just seemed to get done more on lighter ones last season.


    I do like running rigs but the lead needs to be like an anchor hence the heaver weight.


    Had fish kite a long way before indication before, probably dragging the lead rather than pulling through it.


    If it's your first fish on that setup it's not conclusive why the hook slipped, or even if there was an issue with the mechanics at all,


    make one change at a time is all i'll advise.


    starting with a big old lead :P

  5. Re; washed out


    If it's such an edge then why don't manufacturers make them this colour to start with ?


    Seems the paler boilies like tiger nut, cell, etc will wash out, 


    but have many of us have caught in the first few hours of arrival with a bait straight out of the bag ? so not even remotely washed out.


    I think we are given these fish too much credit for being smarter than we think, after all they are pigs with fins  :P


    Anyway i have some red fishmeal boilies that would'nt wash out if i bathed with them for a whole year  :mrgreen:


    So really the best bait colour to use should be white, yes?


    sales of nash amber will rocket now  :lol:

  6. I might get jumped on from a great height here so tin helmet already on BUT wouldnt some rig putty on the right hand loop knot tidy it up a bit yet still allow the fluoro to do its job ?


    Blanks should it be a uni knot rather than a loop to loop ?

    Albright knot for me, although a back to back uni can work, i find it awkward to get the length right though.

  7. 12.50 for 24 hrs but they do and evening ticket too 12hrs 6.50.


    A c&p from their page;;


    Richmond Lakes-
    The Front Lake

    The front lake is approximately 18 acres with just 11 swims, ensuring you will have plenty to go at from whichever swim you choose. Containing around 450 English born and bred Carp, 100 of which exceed 20lb and 30 over 25lbs, the largest resident being the big common at 37lb with several other back up 30s. The depth of the lake ranges from 6ft to 12ft and there are several bars and plateaus to fish to. Boilie approaches are the favoured method fished to clear areas in the weed with scatterings of boilies around the area. Large beds of particle will also produce fish however it may take longer to get the fish into the area.

    The Back Lake

    The back lake is situated North of the main lake, the lake is around 16 acres with plenty of swims which are around the perimiter of the lake along with several swims on the main island in the centre of the lake. There are approximately 600 Engligh born and bred Carp present approaching 30lbs with plenty of doubles and 20lb+ fish. The fish respond well to most methods and several fish can be caught in a session.

  8. Howdy mate, welcome to the forum.


    I can see what you are trying to achieve, but by having all those loop knots there is potential for creating weak spots in the rig.


    A coated braid with a section stripped back to create a supple section is a popular rig, 


    combi rigs made from two different materials can achieve the same,


    for me the mechanics should allow a rig to reset if it gets taken and spat out,


    what is stopping your hook from catching one of the loops and sitting in a tangled mess .


    I try and think what can go wrong with a rig, that way i can fix any potential problems.


    There are tons of ideas and pics in the rig tying section to keep you busy.


    Atb jay 

  9. Blast from the past, i used to fish here late 80's early 90's, when i wer a lad  :P


    By all accounts it's turned into a really good water, both lakes hold some stunning lumps, sure there is a 40 in there !


    My son has been a few times last year with his mates, certainly not easy on the big lake, lots  of weed, gin clear, rigs & presentation need to be spot on to coax a bite,


    some pics on their fb page,   https://www.facebook.com/RichmondLakes?filter=3


    my have a revisit  myself, which side of lincoln are you from mr G ?

  10. By all accounts the pits have started to wake up slowly, had a couple of nights there last year with a few mid teens,


    Pit five did a 37 over the bank hol , other catch reports are a bit slim on the ground for 5/6, mind they both are fair chunks of water nevermind the depth!


    Usual tips are find any signs, hoof singles toward the middle at 200yds, 


    any good bait in the right place will work, inc the margins at night.


    There was a scraper 40 in pit  5 but after several years of flooding from the trent , fish may have swapped pits or even gone into the river.


    pit 4 was drained and the snotters removed well most of them, a few more stockies put in.


    Some guys recently did a 9 day stretch on 5 and blanked, not easy.


    hth jay

  11. Top; My standard heli rig , fox buffer bead, large eye quick change swivel on solar contour.


    Bottom, naked chod rig components, size 8 quik klip, fox buffer bead, avid chod bead


    Top beads are the very soft esp ones, usually quite slack but held in place with pva tape for the cast.



  12. Three of my combi's using different materials, 


    1/ suffix stealthskin to mouthrap


    2/ 15lb kameleon to 25lb coated black silt


    3/ camfusion to esp stiff


    All using the sinker to mask the knot.


    Bottom is a ring cut from a large eye swivel, palomar knot straight to the coated braid.


    Get on the suffix, only £5-6 a spool too !



  13. Bin the striptease, i find it waxy and slippy,


    I tie all my combis using the suffix range, camfusion & kameleon being the best, can't get the knot to slip.


    It will palomar to a ring ok too, 


    A little tip when using stiff fluro, i put a large sinker on a needle, double over the line and slide on an inch,

    this holds the loop in place whilst you tied the albright,


    Once the knot it tightened down and trimmed slide the sinker over it, trim tag off fluro, voila, neat as you like  :wink:

  14. I too have read the links, but they are 7 yrs old, times have changed.


    The original culprit was the long shank nailer, it had potential to double hook, i believe these are banned at most fisheries nationally.


    The shorter curve shank now used in whatever rig type is not outlawed  anywhere i know off.


    a c&p from the nutrabaits website;


    The Alternative 360


    Our Alternative Hookbait range of pop-ups hookbaits is ideal for fishing the 360 Degree rig. This rig is usually set up using a long curved shank hook like the long shank Nailer. However, of late concern has been voiced about the potential for mouth damage with these types of hook so you may like to know that the rig works equally well with many other hook patters. One of my most effective rigs and baits over the past three years has been the 360 fished with a 10mm Pink Pepper or 10mm Pineapple and Butyric pop up. Instead of the usual long curved shank hook I have been using a size 4 Fox SSC hook and this has worked a treat with a 360 Degree set-up.

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