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  1. Im using currently tutti fruity doughball coverin the hook, and cous cous as chum... I brought in about 3 last week. Nothing really big 15lb. Whats the most carp attracting bait. Want your opinion on what brings the most carp in. Let me know thanks
  2. cornmill and water heated and mixed with added flavering.[/code]
  3. Going to start fishing in contests so thats what imma go with i think
  4. Interested in buying a rod pod. How do you guys like them? I was going to buy the one with the bite alarms.
  5. Hey guys im from the us. I been fishing at local lakes. And been using flavord cornmill dough balls and as well ground up dogfood making a dough with. Aswell as wrapping my dough ball with oats and small moist pasta. Trying to find the most be attracted bait that will hook me some fish.. Lmk your opitions thx
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