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  1. try using a polaris float ledger rig?
  2. bet your well and truly hooked after that day!
  3. krs1

    wat a weekend!

    keep up the good work!
  4. that common is stunning!
  5. krs1

    ratherheath carp

    just worked out how much 15 kilos weighs
  6. krs1

    ratherheath carp

    caught this beauty today on a shrimp pop-up over crushed squid and octopus boilies! was about 15 pounds have had 4 over last few days between 10 and 15 pounds should crack the magical 20 pound mark this year
  7. I would reccomend checking out ratherheath it's one of my favourite waters well stocked with carp to over 20 pounds it is a picturesque tree-lined tarn of about 5 acres (43 pegs) and is only 6 quid a day to fish
  8. krs1

    first carp

    think it was about 13 pounds!
  9. krs1

    first carp

    I know this post is really old but I discovered a pic of my first ever carp I thought that I had lost! think I caught it on a monster crab pop up
  10. looks like they need to invest in some otter fencing! there is a helpful section on it on the lakedistrictfishing.net website 2 of my local waters have had it put up and havn't had any problems at all since!
  11. Turners Pool Swythamley, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK11 0SL From Macclesfield (with the train station on your right) At the second set of lights turn left onto Byron Lane. Go all the way to the end You will come to a junction on a bend, turn left, at the Fourways Motel, turn right. Go past the Ship Inn pub, then the Trout farm, and over the first bridge. You will pass a Victorian looking house on the left just before a sharp right hand bend, over a second bridge, turn next left, then right. Look for the fishery sign carefully!
  12. has to be the clutch! I'd miss the sound of the fish screaming of during the fight!
  13. looks like that would work well on deadbaits
  14. krs1

    holehird tarn

    nar there were defo some big perch in there! I havn't got a clue what the council will do with it guess they will proberly just open it up for walking? can't see them turning it back into a fishery stocking it with 500 4-6 inch carp might be an idea though
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