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  1. I`ve got the fox evo ts and to be honest i think its the mutts nuts,it keeps me warm all year round and it`s got a detachable inner bit you can take out for the summer months
  2. A cracking session mate well done but as muftyboy rightly said you got to have your unhooking mat with you at all times
  3. Now there`s another stunning sunrise, i love that time of the day and have wittnessed some beauts over the years
  4. A great report and pictures hawkwise,glad what maybe your last session for some months was a good one mate.
  5. Well done on the new pb mate,and it`s a lovely looking fish aswell
  6. delboy58

    48 Session

    Thats a beauty mate, will done on all your fish.
  7. Without a doubt a great bivvy ,i have the mk2 professional 1 man bivvy but there lies the only problem the 1 man is to small if i`m honest,i`ve been out in it in the foulest of weather and it`s never let me down but the one man is a bit small for the longer sessions for sure.
  8. It`s been a long time since i posted anything on here so i thought i`d just share a picture of the biggest carp i`ve caught this year,I fished my local syndicate water (commonwood fishery) last weekend for 36 hrs and it was a quiet weekend to be honest and the only run of the weekend resulted in this pristene 29lb 2oz common and i have to say it was worth the wait.i caught it on a carpbait soloutions 10mm entice pop up on a chod.
  9. It could be, but it was taken at commonwood fishery the conditions were just perfect that morning and i`m just glad i was up and about to witness it to be honest
  10. Just been going through my pictures and found this one from last year,it was taken the morning after i landed my pb common of 30lb at commonwood
  11. I`ve got the accent brolly and it`s quality mate,the only thing i`d say is that as stated by kev the fox supa brolly offer`s you more headroom and as for the quality of it you won`t find much better for sure.
  12. Stoke On Trent mate, don't really know of any main dealers, used to be stapley angling centre but i don't think its there anymore. Dan Dan stapeley has moved mate they got a new place at lakemore fisheries at crewe ,but they`ve not got much in the way of bivvies in stock at the moment as they had a five week sale and they`ve been cleaned out mate.
  13. Take a look at bivvybox.co.uk or austin hopson on facebook as he`s the guy who makes the "bivvybox" a seriously good piece of kit to be fair
  14. Kevtaylor summed the brolly up to a tee, it`s a fantastic system i really would`nt be without mine now
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