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  1. Im using my Baitrunners at the moment but i do prefer using my big pit reels even though they are only the Wychwood Maximiser 70's.
  2. I gotta admit i do like the look of Nutrabaits Trigga and i do rate their products so PM sent.
  3. Im after a good food source boilie that can be used throughout the spring, summer, autumn and winter. Im currently using Dynamite Baits 'The Source' readymades, is it worth continuing with them or change them for the frozen variety or is it best to get on another brand? Or should i think about making my own boilies from a companies base mix and going in with that? I dont mind making my own cos it will also cut the cost down. Any help or ideas would be much appreciated!
  4. Drennan used to do completely clear tubing years ago, im not sure if they still do it now though.
  5. Or do what i do, i can get tons of this "Solar foam" from work. It used as a packaging material and i have an endless supply of it at home. Thing is i never use it
  6. Last time i was at the NEC was for the Motor Show about 2 or 3 years ago.
  7. No you cant make it cos its a cereal grain and it grows in farmers fields.
  8. Personally ive never used them but i can see in certain situations where they may be useful. Fishing over weed and silt for example.
  9. Im gonna do a quite a few day and early evening sessions for sure. The more the better.
  10. Very true mate and im certain 99% of the anglers on here, me included, go fishing when they can and dont give 2 hoots to what the weather is upto.
  11. I try and buy the best stuff i can afford to do the job i need it to do. But cos im not a "full time angler" i see no point in spending anymore than £50 - £80 on a pair of rods. Dont get me wrong i try and get out fishing as much as i can but i cant see the point of spending an obscene amount of money on the best rods money can buy if i can only get out for 1 or 2 shortish sessions a week and say 1 or 2 full weekends a month.
  12. Very true, the times ive saw pleasure anglers with a net full of silver fish and they just upend the keepnet and let all the fish spill out back into the lake. And whats the first thing you notice? Small silver scales all over the water and in the net.
  13. What worries me is these match fisherman on the commercial carp lakes where they keep upto 50lb of carp upto 6 or 7 pounds in the net until they finish their session. They then haul the whole net out making the fish all lay on one another just to admire their catch.
  14. No no, if im fishing over spod mix then i fish with one rod over that and the other just off it or in a completely different position.
  15. Hey mate, it ALWAYS a good time to be carping, even if its very unlikely that you are gonna catch. Then again as ive always said, you aint gonna catch if you are sitting at home.
  16. Unfortunately due to the poxy rules at my fishery im only allowed to use 2 rods. So if during the warmer weather and im spodding then i use one rod over a spodded area no bigger than a table tennis table.
  17. I think its possible that most lakes are like that now, it is for my 2 waters anyway. Once you could catch all through the day on both of them but the most productive times are now between dusk and dawn. I think this could possibly be down to angler pressure and the carp wising up and realising that if they feed around that alien thing on the bottom of the lake that we call our rig, it could be another trip to the bank.
  18. We all know that low air pressure is brilliant conditions for catching, just last week my winter water was fishing its head off due to the low air pressures but unfortunately i couldnt get away from work to catch my share But what affect does high air pressures have on the carp? Why are they not willing to feed as much when there is an high pressure front?
  19. Well said mate, not bad for a Forest fan really
  20. Not to sure but im certain the fish might actually smell the paint and not go near your hook anyway.
  21. Im looking for a decent barbless longshank hook and these Fox Armo ones look really good. When i find a shop that stocks them im defo gonna buy a pack and give them a whirl.
  22. First things first, are you absolutely sure there is a 35lb carp in your lake and its not just a rumour? If it is true and this fish does exist then you have 2 choices..... 1. Put in as many hours as possible and fish blind and wade through the stockies in the slightest hope the big fish will fall to your rods, or..... 2. (And this is what i would do)..... spend as many hours at the lake as possible without fishing trying to spot the big fishes movements, regular patrol routes and feeding areas using any trees and high points that are available to you. You could then place a bait directly on these patrol routes and wait or you could actually stalk the fish once you know its movements at any time during the day. I hope that helps.
  23. Hahahahahahaha in truth matey thats sounds quite cool. I might sort one out for myself.
  24. I agree with you mate, even a cheap babies changing mat is better than nothing.
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