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    The Carp on the pit i fish seem to be preoccupied on snails. An algae bloom killed of all the common weeds and have left the snails pretty well pooped. They have become easy food for the carp. Anybody else experienced this and how long did it last?
  2. Probably better off with Weetabix. My Gousties in the pond love em!
  3. This may sound a bit dim. But how do u remove the roller wheels. Please help!
  4. yes i've always dont it like that but what confused me was an article in carpology with gary bays explaining the make up of the mach1 to the mach3 the key incredients in a list with dosages etc. but with 4egg mix with 50g of glm how would u know how much base mix u were going to use?
  5. just a quick one, when adding dry incredients ie, liver,glm etc do u add them to the eggs or add to the dry mix? just wondered as to how u get an even amount throughout the bait.
  6. Would it be possible to include lactulose and a feed induser within a mix without any adverse affects? Ie; one counteracting each other or am i looking into it to deeply?
  7. i think tails up do it. have a look in their cataloque.
  8. Well sounds abit silly,but obviously the river nene. i fish the river towards wellingborough and very rarely blank. The fish aren't that big though (doubles), but with floods etc large carp could be anywhere in the nene.
  9. This year i've concentrated on one of four inlet pipes that flow into the pit i fish. These are all connected to other pits and tributaries flowing into the river. With the large amount of rain we've had this year its been very productive, but has anyone experienced fishing them in winter?, i would of though the colder water coming in would be a turn off. Yet Carp are like us creatures of habit. Do u think they would still visit them in the colder months?.
  10. Thats all i need, but not totally a downside, hopefully the carp wouldnt be to far away! This year i've been using tigers over a tiger/crushed hemp in a stick mix and the tench obviously love them too.
  11. Has anyone got any usefull tips on preparation, baiting up time limits and whether including boiled hemp would be a destinct advantage?
  12. Ihave bben trying for ages to create a boillie that contains certain ingredients to catch big un in the pit and theres not a great deal in it. Yes if the raw ingredients prices came down then it may be noticeable, but then theres the time factor, i haven't got the time to roll huge amounts of bait without affecting my job. With things as they are at the moment i think efficiency at work is far more important.
  13. It would be interesting to hear the repies to this one as i've 10k of ocm in the freezer and i'm planning to get more for a spring assult on the 70 acre pit i fish. The source is the bait being ploughed in, but i've had 6 fish and only one of these came to the source. U could say stick to tigers as they have been the major catcher, but tench have been a big problem with limited time and minimal carp in the water.
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