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    Trying, but failing miserably, to catch some carp!

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  1. I'd like to go back to using corn but I find small roach and skimmers always take it a few seconds after it hits the water, maybe try some larger fake corn perhaps? The lake I normally fish has a problem with ducks so can't really fish off the surface like I used to. I fished a different lake and the carp were taking off the top but they'd turn away as soon they approached my bait, and the few times they did take the doggie I couldn't hook them. So I'm thinking I might be getting my end tackle wrong somewhere? Too big a hook? Pop up too close/far from the hook? I'm not sure. But it's definitely getting frustrating as before I was catching plenty (especially off the surface) but now it seems no matter what I do I'm blanking 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. Haha! I'm going to start eating boilies and pellets to channel my inner carp! The problem I guess I'm having is that I never seem to get runs. I'll get a single beep on the alarm and the line will pull out for a second and that's it??? I'm assuming it's either line bites or smaller fish playing with the bait?
  3. Thanks for the welcome 👍 Problem is what I was doing before would disgust most anglers... Mainline straight down to a size 12 hook or hair rig and a method feeder secured one end with a weight 😐 and freelining dog biscuits on a long shank hook, but it did kinda work I suppose!
  4. Hi everyone, so here's a bit about me. I've been fishing since about the age of 6 and was absolutely addicted to it growing up, more often than not going every weekend up until my late teens. Then girls, pubs and eventually work got in the way and I became very much a fair weather fishermen only going a handful of times in a year. However, a few years ago I started going more regularly again and after 1 pretty good summer where I caught my pb (23.5lb grass carp) I decided to move away from my usual method of fishing one rod ledgering and another on the float and try to actively target carp. Cue the worst 2 seasons I've ever had in my life, can't catch a thing these last two years and I'm beginning to lose faith so I've come here to try and find out where I'm going wrong! I have a feeling I'm about to experience a pretty steep learning curve! Thank you all in advance and I look forward to talking to you all 👍 Cheers
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