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  1. This week's view from the bivvy, but has also included seeing a barn owl come out from between the trees and across the dam wall, and a video of a kestrel hovering above the tree border, as well as hearing tawny owls through the night
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  2. I get in trouble being the old man, heaven knows what I can do as a new man🤣 Problem is I'm early 50's so the waiting list is longer. This was Sky enjoying the time out.
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  3. Been told I need a hip replacement and have lower back problems. To deal with that and the other life problems I shut myself away from the world. A bit chilly this morning. Most of the lake froze over last night, just the area in front of me stayed clear, and it looks like the ice is gradually spreading. I'm only hanging on from packing up just to let the 🌞 thaw some of the gear. My net got frozen to the rushes and the overwrap is covered in frost. Sky however is enjoying laying in the sun outside.
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  4. Hopefully when you get a hip replacement, you’ll be a new man mate, fingers crossed you get back to full fitness soon.
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  5. framey

    Gas Bottle problem

    perfect solution to “what to do with that water that is now tepid in the hot water bottle from the night before” lol chuck it in a pan to warm the gas bottle up
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  6. Highy

    What is your newest purchase

    Swapped my Sonik AXS 2 Man for BRAND NEW STILL IN BOX - Advanta Protector Peak V2 1 Man Bivvy & Advanta Endurance Uni-Extended Overwrap 1 Man. This can now create a decent sized 1 Man for me and also turn into a 2 man (with bivvy front took off) for me n lad when he comes.
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  7. kevtaylor

    View from your bivvy door.

    Kites are beautiful birds for sure - the colours and the forked tail and a full adult is bloomin big with those wings fully extended - wow This weekend i was so lucky to see an owl fly past really close and in the last hour of light so I got a great view, obvs no pics. I'd like to get a good deer shot - they are all around the lake, one came out from the poke hole I was fishing earlier that day, prob there whilst I was and I had no idea. This place is something else tbh - so many swans, geese, ducks, herons, white crane things etc etc too many bird types it's unreal even a tiny tiny bird in the reeds by the river. Newts, frogs - toads and crickets in the bivvy (standard). It is a nature reserve and should defo be protected if not already. This is a stinky winky screen print off my Instagram of my best fishing pic ever - I had this young kingfisher on my rods for 10 mins practicing picking stuff up out the water- insects, twigs, pebbles it was a great sight and I had my decent camera there and ready. One in a million I guess. In the full shots you can see the slack lines brilliantly too
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